Hoa Hung’s traditional tofu is non-GMO, free of synthetics and trusted by leading chefs around Australia. We trust you will find it delicious too.

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About Us

Premium and quality tofu for chefs and tofu lovers.

Our Team

The expert team at Hòa Hưng Tofu loves making the most delicious tofu and this starts with the delicate handmade craftsmanship and care. We only use the highest quality and best-tasting Australian beans. Our tofu is made with precision and expertise to deliver the perfect produce.

The beans are soaked with precision at the right temperature, for the right amount of time. They are then grounded to the perfect texture. Then there is cooking with exact heating and cooling. And finally filtering. Every stage is important for the smoothest and tastiest tofu. It is our whole team’s craftsmanship that makes the difference!

Our Story

Kevin Ho, owner of Hòa Hưng Tofu had no ordinary childhood and his journey tells of his fighting spirit, endless passion and dedication to everything he does. As a result of the Vietnam War, Kevin spent the majority of his childhood in a Hong Kong immigration camp. At the age of 15 he arrived in Australia with no language skills and had to quickly adapt to his new world.

Demonstrating a fierce spirit, Kevin went on to obtain his Bachelor Degree, majoring in Finance from UNSW. Even while working in the corporate industry, Kevin had always dreamt about starting his own business.

In his late twenties, Kevin took over Hòa Hưng Tofu, which at the time, was supplying tofu to a few small restaurants and local Asian grocery stores. It was a perfect pairing as he has been a dedicated vegetarian for many years. Kevin devoted 7 years to continuously refining the shop’s tofu making techniques, with a mission to transform traditional tofu into an enjoyable and delicious produce for his two young vegetarian daughters. They are his biggest fans and love to regularly sample his new products.

After creating the winning formula, there was an increasing demand for his unique and fresh tofu. Hòa Hưng Tofu’s exceptional taste and quality soon generated rapid word-of-mouth among tofu lovers. As time passed, Hòa Hưng Tofu became the go-to tofu destination for highly-regarded restaurants and grocers.

Today, customers form long queues outside of Kevin’s retail-front to experience the famous taste. Day in day out, Hòa Hưng Tofu’s team of highly skilled tofu artisans use the same delicate handmade processes to produce and deliver fresh tofu.

Our Name

Our name is derived from the small suburb called Hòa Hưng located in Saigon which is known for its homemade tofu production. Our mission is to refine the traditional recipes used in Saigon to achieve tofu that is 100% fresh and high-quality.

100% Australian Made


Vegan Friendly

Preservatives free

Naturally lactose and cholesterol free

Join Our Fans

Grew up with them.

Brand Yue

Always a queue for their wonderful tofu.

Michael Goldsworthy

The best tofu I’ve ever had! High quality that comes with a very low price tag. I’ll always get it when I’m in the area, always!

Joanne Fang

Silky soft tofu! It’s the best in Sydney!

Nous Mangeons

Best Tofu products and soy milk!

Lucky Bimolaksono

Why Pick Our Tofu?

Made with soy beans grown by Aussie farmers in the sunny Atherton Tablelands and delivered fresh to Hòa Hưng Tofu. We believe in the quality of Australian soy bean which contributes to the healthy standard of our products.

Using a unique method, we go through a careful process of soaking, grinding, cooking and curding, supervised by our artisan team, producing a unique silky smooth and delicious tofu.

With dedication at heart, we craft a product range which is delivered fresh to chefs and restaurants who want premium tofu, and also available over the counter to our customers at our Belmore location. Once you try our tofu you won’t be able to get back to traditional tofu.

Undisputed Passion

I became passionate about creating the most tasty tofu for my two little girls who are vegetarians. They love our tofu, and often taste-test our products. They are my hardest critics. I am so glad that the broader public also loves our product so much!’.
– Kevin Ho.